Unusual Whalecraft Collector's Arrangement item wh2001

Price: $860.00

Consisting of: Very unusual one of a kind reduced size, toggle and darting gun harpoons. 19th - early 20th century. Used condition, some metal loss and one marked with red painted. Wear and used/aged condition. Over a fourty year period of dealing in whaling irons, I never had a pair of harpons like this. These two harpoons were used in the industry and not made as reproductions. Very very unusual, the size is so odd (Approx. L 23.75" & 23"). Maybe used in the Azorean whaling trade. THE YANKEE WHALER by Clifford Ashley, first addition, used condition, a must for any whalecraft collector. Two contemporary working toggle harpoons, were made to be used for blackfish or in the current off shore fisheries. L approx. 15".  item wh2001

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