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ACTIVELY PURCHASING WHALING HARPOONS, SCRIMSHAW & Quality NAUTICAL ANTIQUES/PAINTINGS. We welcome inquiries concerning single items or collections!  Will make house calls, if preferred.         Contact Joe Thomas @ 617.460.1792 CALL OR TEXT

Welcome to our world: an Exclusive Online Only Gallery!  Unique art and antiques from around the world. The items on this site have been gathered by Joseph Thomas and Judy Thomas, who are adventurers and worldwide travelers, they have journeyed the globe in search of unusual or odd pieces of art, antiques or artifact. You will never know what ends up in this gallery! An undiscovered rarity could be offered here and have the value of a fortune. The items in our catalog as listed in this gallery have been assembled over a forty year period from international locations and nationally. Many items are one of a kind and are of museum quality. Our inventory is extensive (over 2000 items) and only partially shown here. Items will be rotated.

To be noted, we were pioneers in the online sale of art and antiques. When others were strickly brick and mortar we were strickly an online operation. We have have been conducting online selling and puchasing for many many trusted years. Buy and sell with our online expertise.

Our Online ONLY gallery is based out of: historic Boston, Massachusetts in the shadows of the Old North Church and in beautiful Stowe, Vermont, ski capital of the east. We only offer our items via the art and antique market place of the 21 century. The "Grand Bazaar" of this Online Web Based Gallery. When Joseph had purchased items at the fabled Istanbul bazaar in Turkey, he realized that the internet is today's version of the ancient merchant bazaar system that has existed for centuries.  When he returned home, he built this online site. This is not your stuffy gallery or pretentious shop, but a technology based site that offers unique art and antiques online. Look at our featured items and you be the judge of our many pieces. For newer collectors, another way to look at buying vintage art or antiques. You are recycling, being green. You get to enjoy your purchases and who knows, when it's time to sell, it could have appreciated in value. If you don't see an item of interest or you specialize in collecting a particular piece, contact us. Our inventory surpasses our web page offerings. We try to represent each piece to the best of our ability, but an unidentified treasure could be here. We suggest you or your representative ask questions or arrange a showing. We will be happy to remove the item of interest from our warehouse and meet with you. We will also provide additional photos as required. Note all sizes/weights are approximate. As with any antique, wear imperfections and flaws exit.  Joseph Thomas's goal is honesty, fair value, and providing a quality item, hopefully unique.  Items sold as any antique: in an "as is condition". If there is a question in your mind about an item, please do not purchase it. We want you to be comfortable with the item and enjoy it. We strive to be honest, accurate and value your opinion concerning our items.

We are always actively buying quality nautical antiques, harpoons, whaling items, antique scrimshaw, Navajo rugs, native American, marine paintings, antiquities or the unusual piece. Will consider single items and entire collections, please contact us at 617.460.1792, or via the e-mail contact button above also the inquire button next to an item. To send pictures, contact us and we will provide instructions.

Where applicable, Massachusetts sales tax will be applied.
Cash, check, or wire transfer accepted for USA sales. Sales outside the USA only prepaid, via check, cash or wire transfer.

Note:  Regarding endangered species items. We are firm supporters of the US and CITES endangered species acts. Purchasers should familiarize themselves with the appropriate regulations (state & US federal) prior to purchasing an item, it is their responsibility. All necessary permits and certificates are the purchaser's resposbility. All sales consumated in MA. We strive to follow all state, federal and worldwide regulations. No international sales, purchasing or shipping.

Shipping: We prefer you contact and hire your own shipper for larger items. We can suggest local agents. Smaller items only;  we can ship nationally or internationally for additional charges. Limited local, New England area personal drop off can be arranged.  Note: once an item has been turned over to the shipper, we will no longer be responsible for the item.

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