Extraordinary Pair of Engraved Walrus Tusks by Robert Spring item as2002

Price: $4,400.00

Very finely executed engraved ploychrome walrus tusks. Done by the distinguished scrimhandler Robert E Spring (84). The pair of walrus tusks are engraved with British Naval Victories of The War of 1812. Signed R E Spring 84. Mr Spring considered these to be among his most successful and major work to date. Commissioned by a Conneticut gentlemen RHB (on each tusk). Excellent condition and one of a kind. Work on both sides. Vignettes: Shannon takes Chesapecke, HMS Pelicon takes USS Argus, Loss of President, HNS Endymion Victorious, HMS Phoebe and Chorub take USS Essex. Fish and wild life bands included indicating that these are walrus. Approx tusk only w/o base, L: 22"&23". item as2002

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