R Spring Scrimhandler Monumental Ploychrome Collection item as1900

Price: $9,600.00

Monumental "important" engraved ploychrome sperm whale pan bone, done by scrimshandler R E Spring. Motif: John Paul Jones - "I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT". R spring's work is much sort after and finely done. The pan bone, was a comissioned work. All signed and dated. All in excellent condition. It's also very significant, in that you will be hard pressed to find another massive pan bone engaving done by R Spring. Icluded, impressive collection of four engraved ploychrome sperm whale's teeth. Pan bone approx. l 49" x h 16" as measured not including stand, a massive item. Custom stand included. Teeth approx. L: 3.75" & 4" & 5" & 5.5" respectively. Pan bone would be sold saparately for $8400.00. item as1900

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