Antique Scrimshaw

Antique Scrimshaw: inventory consists of (19th century/period): antique scrimshaw, antique sperm whale teeth, vintage scrimshaw work on antique sperm whale teeth, antique scrimshaw work on antique walrus tusks. Many of these items came from my private collection which have been collected or purchased over a 40 year period. Also under this category we have some vintage scrimshaw items. Note: regarding endangered species items. We are firm suppoers of the US and CITES endangered species acts. Purchasers should familiarize themselves the appropriate regulations both state and US federal, it is their responsiblity. All necessary permits and certificates are the purchaser's responsiblity. All sales consumated in MA. No international sale or purchasing of endangered species items.
We DO NOT sell or purchase faux/resin items.

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